Build a Following with Ease using the secret weapon
Video Marketing 
Relax & Get started with our Black Diamond Membership
Be Effective
Develop your unique and compelling message with our help

Establish your audience and your Call to Action
Get your Introductory Video done for you

Showcase your video to the agreed audience of 60,000 business women

Amplify your message once a Quarter (4X p.a.)

Get known and create a following
The Compelling Facts...
84% of consumers told us that they have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video. (Wiseowly survey 2017)
Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non video users (Aberdeen 2015)
A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo (Socialbakers, 2015)
76.5% of professional marketers and SMB owners are seeing results with video marketing (Animoto, 2016)
How does it work?
One hour conversation to establish your service offer; who you are, how you help, and what you are passionate about 

Plus we establish your ideal client, who they are & where they are located
Together we develop the compelling script to your introductory video

Then we work on location & presentation for maximum brand impact
At the end of the call we send you templates for your thumbnail ( picture seen with every video) and your Call to Action

We schedule a call to record the video at a time that suits you
You then set up so you are "on brand"
Videoing with us is a fun & relaxing experience to bring out the real you

We will then edit and craft your introductory video

The completed video is amplified to the audience we agreed
Minimum 60,000 across Facebook, LinkedIn and our Database

Free training "Getting Started with Video Marketing" which includes great tips on how to maximise the effect of your video 

4X across the year you can share this Video or others you create to the same audience of minimum 60, 000.
  •  1 hr consultation to determine your story 
  •   1 hr to record and tape video 
  •   Video professionally edited 
  •  Comfort of our support through your first recording
  •   Targeted to your audience 
  •   Amplified to 60,000 business women each time
  •  Consistency by amplifying 4 times per year
Only $590 incl gst or US$ 440
Introductory Video A$495 or US$350
Video Amplification 4X A$165 or US$120

Total value A$1095 or US$830
Monthly Payment Options available 
A$59 or US$44
Order Details 
Price incl GST
A$590 includes GST
A$59/ month for 12 months
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