Get Your Introductory
 Video Done for You
Only 2 spots left 
until July 2018
Happy to present on stage but feel intimidated by Video? 
Relax! Our Done For You service will make it easy. 
How does it work ?
One hour conversation to establish your key messages & topics that you can speak on, who you are and why you are so passionate to share your knowledge
Plus we establish your ideal audience, who they are & where they are located 
Together we develop the compelling script to your introductory video
Then we work on where you should film and how you should present yourself
At the end of the call we send you templates for your thumbnail ( picture seen with every video) and your Call to Action 
We schedule a call to record the video at a time that suits you
You then set up so you are "on brand"
Videoing with us is a fun relaxing experience to bring out the real you
We will then edit and craft your introductory video
Then we will share the completed video to the audience we agreed 
Minimum 60,000 across Facebook, LinkedIn and our Database
Build your Client base with Ease 
using our proven Video Marketing methods.
The same ones we used to grow our connections from 
60,000 to 100,000 in only 5 months.
Only A$495 incl gst  or US$350
  • 1 hr consultation to determine your story
  •  1hr to record and tape video
  •  Video professionally edited
  •  Comfort of our support through your first recording
  •  Targeted to your audience
  • Amplified to 60,000
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