Are your worried about how to scale your business and get that profile that you know will make a difference?
Feeling overwhelmed by choice and have no idea what will be effective?
Want make a connection with others without the time investment of meeting them?
Resulting in them coming to you inspired by your business, your vision and wanting to work with you.
Get into their heads with a podcast
 Why bother?  The facts are ...
44% of Population has listened
24% of population listens regularly and is growing 12% pa
80% of regulars listen to the whole show and on average 7 podcasts per week
                                      Report Eddison Research 2017
Stand out, be Heard and Influence 
 24/7, 365 days a year  with a professionally produced podcast interview
Showcase your expertise, share your story and confirm why people should do business with you
Shared to over 65, 000
Check out our channel with loads of great interviews to listen to ...
Topics include :-
Addressing Small Business Failure in Australia
Equality for Women in Sport
Strategies on How to Work & Deal with Teenagers and the Issues They Have
Stop Wasting Time on Work that Doesn’t Work

Meet Annemarie Cross The Podcasting Queen

Annemarie Cross is a Brand and Communication Strategist & Chief Storyteller from Communicate Now Pty Ltd.
She is also the CEO & Founder of media production and broadcasting corporation – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network, and has been referred to as: “The Podcasting Queen” by many of her guests and clients over the years, due to her expertise and involvement in podcasting, since 2008.
Annemarie works with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SMBs and corporations, helping them navigate and stand out in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace.
She does this by leveraging a unique blend of brand, communications and storytelling expertise alongside her extensive experience in podcasting to create a platform that enables her clients to create powerful, engaging and memorable stories with their own podcast series and/or podcast channel so they become THE influential voice in their respective fields.
Simple steps by application ONLY 
Answer a comprehensive questionnaire which will help you focus.
Spend an hour with Annemarie reviewing your brand and crafting your key messages to maximise your impact.
Conduct your interview.
The Interview will be streamed LIVE on Facebook 
Podcast will be produced, hosted on itunes and broadcast to our followers
Leverage the podcast and LIVE into your own social media  and on your website 
 ONLY A$795 +gst 
What our interviewees have to say...
I am relatively new to the medium of podcasting and was nervous at the start but now love it. This is due to the professionalism of Lisa and Annemarie - they make it so easy, relaxed and conversational - which gives a great end result. Their expertise regardless of the topic really helps the podcast to shine. I cant wait for my next podcast.

Julie Hyam Elliott  Director, Chair Audit and Risk Committee , Member Remuneration Committee at Australian Invoice Finance Ltd
The Podcast experience with Ann Marie was great fun. She is such a Pro! It was easy to schedule a time, the pre-show paper work was straight forward and helpful in preparing for the episode. And the recording of the show itself was smooth, easy and fun.

Maria Zuchsmann  Speaker, Facilitator, Podcaster, Integrative Chiropractor @ Inner Edge Wellness
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