You have started your business but you are worried about failing? 
Would you like to know the secrets to confidently making connections, finding supporters and turning clients into raving fans?
Unlock your potential and be the confident business woman you want to be!
Education will give you confidence
Transform your business & gain confidence
We all want word of mouth referrals an endless stream of them.  Where clients come to you ready and eager to do business. 
Refocus away from Selling & Instead Create a Pipeline of Clients relying on Collaborators.
Make connections and create an A-Team of Collaborators, hell bent on growing your business.
What's included when you join today
Your Starting Out Membership
Inspiration  -  Learn from other amazing business women with blogs, vlogs, interviews and our podcast
Connections - Use our website & Facebook groups to take action. Make connections and build collaborations
Marketing -  Showcase your business with your profile and use our weekend markets to promote.
Events - save 20% on event tickets 
Our 12 Month Program
  •  Lesson 1 Becoming the Connector that everyone wants to meet. Present to Create Business Opportunities Introducing – Yourself and others. Get it right and win trust.  
  •   Lesson 2 Why Target Markets are Important. Know your Target Market so you can market with effectively How Collaborations grow your Business by Referral  
  •   Lesson 3 Business Discovery Sessions – Make Coffee Dates Yield Results (Part 1).
  •   Lesson 4 Referrals – Why are they so lucrative for givers and receivers? Learn how to turn a lead into a referral. Understand the Referral Cues.  
  •   Lesson 5 Networking to import expertise to create time. 
  •   Lesson 6 Business Discovery Sessions – Make Coffee Dates Yield Results (Part 2).  
  •   Lesson 7 Value your Expertise! Develop a pricing policy to suit your target market.  
  •   Lesson 8 The Value of Content to Showcase for the Subtle Sell.  
  •   Lesson 9 The Power of Testimonials. 
  •   Lesson 10 Build Online Connections. Engage! Engage! Engage!   
  •   Lesson 11 How to Grow and Work a List. This will change the way you operate. The Value & Creation of Sales Funnels. 
  •   Lesson 12 Bringing it all together. Automation opportunities to save    

  ONLY A$29.95 pa 


Includes 30 day money back guarantee 
What our members say..
Jay has a massage therapy business and was considering expanding her offer to cater for couples. As a solo operator this would have added overheads and numerous expenses for little gain. The Target Market lesson gave her real clarity and she has narrowed  her offer in on  polynesian massage. 
The idea of collaboration was a revelation to her and she quickly found three partners all of whom were clinical pyschologists. Regularly they refer clients to her.
Jay Mitchell - Koiri 

Includes 30 day money back guarantee 
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