Does Your Career Need Empowering?
Are you lacking the courage to achieve your career potential?
Are you unsure about what the best version of YOU can be? 
Are you tired & sick of working hard for NO acknowledgement?

Employees that are mentored achieve promotion 5 times faster (Gartner)

Imagine being offered great opportunities and being recognised as the high potential employee you are. 
4 One on One Sessions 
Understand your career goals
Understand your roadblocks
Develop a strategic plan to achieve
Take action & meet with key stake holders

It's not what you know but who you know that counts
Be brave. Let's make it happen.
And relax... every step of the way, we have your back.
Ellie is a mid-level manager with big dreams and whilst she was getting promotions, but she found the work unfulfilling. In fact, she was constantly tired and struggling to get out of bed and go to work.
Over time she had become a manager in the accounts department, and she was hating her day to day job. Through a process of Mentoring we were able to uncover her true passion; she is creative and loves colour & marketing.
Despite her initial nervousness, she then took charge to meet the GM’s of Sales & Marketing with whom she built a relationship. Then the next time a job came up in the area she applied and got the job. She is loving it now & can she a clear career progression into her dream GM roles.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?
Is it professional, does it include three things you want to be famous for?
Imagine the opportunities you will be offered with a great showcase. One focused on your achievements and professional branding.
Be an "Empowering" Member 
SAVE $100 and gain $50 of BIH event credit towards your next event
Let me show you everything you get when you join today
1. Brand Discovery session
One hour conversation to establish your brand, who you are, your goals and ambitions. Then we explore the three things you want to be famous for, your achievements skills and connections. We develop a stratgic plan for your development which outlines who you need to connect with to succeed.

2. LinkedIn review and give you the tools to update it in line with your Brand Strategy

3.Strategy planning session 
One hour to develop your stratgey on who you need to connect to in order to achieve the career goals you have set. All senior appointments require you to have a profile and stakeholder recognition. We outline a plan to develop this both within your organisation and your industry.

4. Strategic Introductions
We will introdcue you to key people of value, senior leaders in the industry to help you broaden your perspective.

5. Mentoring
There will be a couple of ongoing sessions to over the first 6 months to ensure you are in track to achieve your goals.

6. Learn 
Join our workshops How to Connect your way to the C-Suite or 5 Mistakes to Avoid on your way to the C-suite.

7.Support & Encouragement
Be supported by a collaborative community that wants to see you succeed.

8. Annual Membership to Business in Heels
Be part of the movement that is Business in Heels 
Gain Clarity, Focus & Achieve
Be connected with 160,000
SAVE 20% on all events
Learn from our online Education, webinars & workshops
Be inspired by our interviews, podcasts & videos.
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Total Value A $1249 or US$890
Mentoring Sessions             (A$1200 or US$350)
 Global Directory Inclusion    (A$49 or US$35)     
Introductions                   priceless        
Only $690 incl GST or US$ 480
Monthly Payment Options available A$69 or US$48
Includes : 30 Day money back guarantee 
What other say..
"This process has helped me get one promotion and opportunities I never thought I would get. When I started I wasn't clear on my "brand" and was waiting or hoping to be noticed. Today, I dedicate 2 hours a week to networking, I never say no and I am meeting amazing people." 

Sarah Moradi BD American Express

"I was really impressed by how many connections are now available to me. It has been great to be introduced to senior people in my industry. Plus I love being able to plan the meeting before hand and then to have someone to listen and give me opinions after the fact. "

Fiona Wilshin BM Taking Shape

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SPECIAL OFFER $590  save $100 
 BONUS $50 of event ticketing money towards your next event
Includes : 30 Day money back guarantee 
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