Are you serious about being successful in business? 
The statistics are against it. 
Women starting businesses is the fastest growing sector in the economy and yet
2 out 3 businesses fail in the first 3 years.
Less than 20% of women will make it to senior management roles, despite even numbers starting out.

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My One Stop Shop Agency Solution
"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go with others." African Proverb.
We empower women in business to grow and develop to help them reach their true potential as fast as possible. 
In fact we help in 3 ways; marketing , education and connection both locally and globally.
Your Business -  Your Way  - Your Success
Would you like us to help you get connected with thousands of other business women today and join over
160, 000 globally?
Would you like to learn the secret to getting a constant stream of clients?
Would you like to be able to market your products and services to thousands affordably?
Would you like to learn how to connect with influential leaders?

Well only  a month ago Elissa joined our group and in less than three weeks she had found two collaboration partners and two new clients. WOW!

What are my choices?
For start-ups and new employees seeking new connections & free education to help them along the way.

You Receive - 

Profile on Website. 
 20% discount on Event Tickets.

A$29.95 pa or
For business owners or contractors focused on sales and marketing. 

You Receive -

Global Directory inclusion. 
2 Event Tickets.
 Access to post unlimited blogs shared to 37K.
Access to Xchange. Unlimited adverts
shared to 37K up to 5 times per year. 
Profile on Website.
 20% discount on Event Tickets. 
A$190 pa or
For business owners who employ teams, are developing their profile as an expert speaker or educator or who are looking for investment to scale up.
You Receive - 

A 5 minute scripted and edited video shared to 60K.
Member of the Week Profile.
Global Directory inclusion. 
Profile on Website. 
20% discount on Event Tickets.  
A$590pa or $59/mth 

For executives looking to progress their careers.

You Receive

Corporate Profile on Website.
Personal Branding Session.
LinkedIn revision. Develop a strategic plan to meet your career goals. Mentoring along the way and key introductions from our connections
20% discount on Event Tickets.
A$690pa or $69/mth 
All memberships include access to Education and Inspiration.
Our Education tab has loads of FREE courses from legal tips & getting started to LinkedIn profiles and referral generation strategies.
Be inspired by our blogs, podcast channel, video interviews and stories of our ambassadors.
Plus when you join you are eligible to become an Affiliate Partner and earn rewards simply by connecting your friends & colleagues to a community that can unlock their potential
Our members say..
Amazing crowd with amazing women! It was an excellent opportunity to see how many women entrepreneur are going through the same journey and how successful they have been so far. It was a very proactive way to engage and network together.
It allowed me to get in touch later with 2 women from the group that led to great opportunities that I’m still pursuing today and opened amazing doors that I couldn’t have had without that meeting!
Nadjmat Abdoulhakime
Being an Event Partner is like networking on steroids because you stand up at the front of the room, introduce yourself to every woman there, and get the chance to talk about something you're passionate about.
That way, the people in the room who are interested in what you have to offer will then come to you. Isn't that what we all want, new business that walks over to us and says hi?
Kiara Louchry 

Existing members wanting to UPGRADE get bonuses and discounts.
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