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“83% of Facebook readers trust recommendations from their connections”. Neilson

“87% of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing. More than 50% of these buyers seek such advice from their social media contacts” Buyer Sphere.
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Harnessing Female Buying Power
Women make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions, and purchase over 50% of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products and consumer electronics. The Next Web
Additionally, these women are the mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, girlfriends, friends, homemakers & shoppers who make the vast majority of the day-to-day purchasing decisions in their households. 
Today, we connect more than 160,000 women with thousands attending our nation-wide events annually and they represent a significant audience of similar mind-set. This creates a targeted marketing opportunity for those wishing to supply products & services to this highly defined & growing sector.
By aligning your brand with Business in Heels you can gain immediate credibility with our Australian & International audience. Increase your brand influence & accessibility by leveraging our expansive virtual media networking community along with our Branch events.
No matter what your budget we have an option that will work for you.
It's all about win-win & collaboration

 "Your Business, Your Way, Your Success"
Some FREE Opportunities at our LOCAL branches 

Get your products or services in the hands of our business women.
What are my choices locally?
Partner with an event and showcase your business. 

Each one of our branches connects with approx 1000 business women. 

The ultimate is the Main Event Partner where you get naming rights for the event which includes extensive promotion, tickets and speaking opportunity . Comes with additional marketing on social media, short LIVE and newsletter coverage.
from $400 +gst 
Have a business showcase spot on the night and take 5 minutes to WOW the crowd. Become a people magnet with others beating a path to your door for a catch up. Plus get your business out through our social media channels & newsletters
from $150 +gst 
Too busy to market? 
by partnering for a year with your branch
Join an exclusive club of ANNUAL PARTNERS and stand out in your local community.
Putting your branch on centre stage and saving you time
Includes 6 event tickets
Monthly exclusive newsletters
Diamond membership
Fortnighlty content posting
Facebook Live
Business Showcase at an Event
Only A$1100 incl gst
Looking for a Marketing Solution with Reach? 
VIDEO MARKETING is the answer
We know that Video Marketing is the most effective form of content you can use to tell your story or that of your services & products. Let us help you broadcast your message to 60,000 of your target market. 
Only A$150 +gst or US$120
Only A$495 +gst or US$350
Only A$295 +gst or US$195
Looking to CREATE a media profile?
3 great opportunities 
Podcast : Radio : TV 
Work with Annemarie Cross the Podcast Queen to develop your story. Then become a part of the Business in Heels Podcast and share your message with 65,000.

Only A$795 +gst or US$595
STEP UP and get known as a media commentator. Rare Opportunity to get on the radio with Jacki Mitchell  On her award winning program Taking care of Business at RPPFM. Develop your message step by step and get it out to 700,000.
Only A$1999 +gst
GAMECHANGERS is the ultimate exclusive media experience. Get interviewed by a TV personality in front of a full film crew. Creating TV quality video which we will share to 1.0M plus there is the option to go on TV too.
Application only 
from A$8950 +gst
The Ultimate Partnership - Become a NATIONAL - INTERNATIONAL PARTNER
As a National Marketing Partner, you will receive the opportunity;
• To have your content on our Educational Platform
• To promote your webinars in our event calendar
• To be acknowledgement as a National Partner on our website & data base systems
• A Diamond membership for one of your team within our website to be the female face.
• To be exclusive within in your business category
• Facebook Live interviews showing casing education and business case studies
• Monthly educational/ inspirational content communicated to our audience through social media and EDM

Every package is customised to each Partner
Existing members wanting to UPGRADE get bonuses and discounts.
Go to and LOGIN to UPGRADE
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