About Us
Together, we empower women in business to help them reach their true potential as fast as possible
We do this in 3 ways Marketing, Education & Connection 
both locally & globally
Your Business - Your Way - Your Success
Values of Business in Heels members
• Are reliable, we do what we say we are going to do
• Are Kind we work to encourage, support and empower our members
• Are passionate we love life and work to realise our dreams and inspire others to do the same.
• Are determined & self motivated, we are focused and persistent, overcoming our fears and barriers to achieve our goals
• Are creative we celebrate individuality, are change agents encouraging others to try new things, form new relationships and to capitalise on the market.
• Are confident we know who we are.
• Are connectors working to help others form the relationships that will make a difference.
• Are responsible working to make a difference to our community

Co-Owners Jo Plummer & Lisa Sweeney
Today as much as we would like it to be different Women aren’t equal. Not in pay, retirement or business. Like many of you we are corporate escapees feeling we could make a difference running our own business. We found ourselves having to start from scratch with poor networks.
We had to learn fast.
Today we connect over 160,000 women and are working to pool lots of knowledge to ensure you take your business your way for your success.
Would you like to get connected immediately with
like-minded business women locally & globally?
Discover why over 160K other smart women choose to join our collaborative  community 
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