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Lisa Sweeney says, “International Women’s Day is a wonderful event and I totally support all that it stands for. I just think it could accomplish more if actions backed sentiments.”
Jo Plummer says, “We are seeking the support of government and private donors to help us fund the programs that will enhance the lives of all Filipinos to stop their families being torn apart.”
As a professional business development organisation, Business in Heels has the ability to provide support and education to business owners. This year, we have selected The Philippines to assist by opening a branch there and resourcing it to help the country’s millions of female entrepreneurs learn to network grow their businesses.
In a country where over 3,100 women leave daily to find work overseas, we’ve decided to focus our efforts in The Philippines to help reduce the need for this exodus. The upheaval, stress and sorrow this causes families is enormous. 
SME's account 99.7% of the economy and employ 77.6% of the workers according to the OECD organisation 
so by helping entrepreneurs to be successful we can have a positive social impact.
Our Plan 
Our Branch Director Martine De Luna is well known as an "Influencer" and Blogger in entrepreneurial circles. She will be at the hub of community and a role model for other up and coming entrepreneurs.  Her plans are to focus on educational workshops and support.

  •   Establish a local community in the Philippines for entrepreneurs & freelancers to help them grow their businesses. 
  •  Provide regular workshops to train and educate. 
  •  Provide mentoring support to up and coming business owners. 
  •  Provide business exposure & marketing for Filipino entrepreneurs to both the local and global BIH audience.
  •  Execute BIH local events, in collaboration with local activation and logistics networks.
  •  Raise the awareness for Philippine femmepreneurship, through BIH-branded events and activations, both on the ground and online.
  •  Connect with potential BIH sub-regional influencers in the Philippine women entrepreneurs circuit
How you can HELP 
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Plus you have the option to be connected with the woman you are sponsoring
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Sponsor a woman for a year of educational workshops, support and mentoring
Plus you have the option to be connected with the woman you are sponsoring
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