Are you investing in your business to scale and worried about how you will get new business?
Frustrated that other similar businesses get all the media attention and dont want to spend a fortune on hit and miss PR.
There is a better way to be showcased.
Imagine your own video clip showing you being interviewed by a well known TV presenter.
Be inspired be a Gamechanger
Get your message to 1.0M people
By 2019, Cisco predicts that internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic worldwide
Here’s your chance to get credibility and advocacy for you and your brand:

- Be interviewed by TV presenter Sarah Harris
- Meet celebrity Game Changers.
- Showcase your business with TV quality production
- Amplify your message to 1m plus people
- Gain immediate traction and ROI
Craft your Story
Robyn Foyster, CEO of Foyster media and ex editor of Womens Weekly helps you to craft your personal brand story to get the ideal messaging plus the highest cut through and engagement.
Get Prepared
Pre-production interview to prepare the scripting and interview questions in advance of the day. You will be 100% prepared.
Be Styled
Styling to match your brand and maximise your on screen impact. Get styled by celebrity makeup artist.
Be Photographed
Award winning photographer takes profile shots and group shots of you, Sarah Harris and other Game Changers.
Exclusive Networking
Opportunity with Australia’s most inspiring leaders.
Professional Video
Highest quality TV film crew includes a Director of Photography and a three camera shoot.
Your Video, Podcast & Pics
Fully edited 5 minute TV quality video including behind the scene footage of your business.Numerous photographs to use on social media.
TV Opportunity 
Amplification opportunity available to be on TV.
Amplification Included
Hosting on Game Changers and The Carousel website including social media and EDMs , Podcast hosted on iTunes, Business In Heels social media and EDMs ( 165K)
Prices start from $8950 and vary depending on the amplification package 
What Our Gamechangers has to say
Edit Whitelaw – CEO and Founder, Essentially Keto
“Since appearing on The Game Changers series, sales of Essentially Keto bars increase by five times.”
Dr Karen Philip – Psychotherapist
“As a direct result of going on Game Changers, I got my first spot on Studio Ten and had a story in Huffington Post.”
Brigitte Warne – Silverfox Management
 The feedback we have received has been overwhelming positive. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to share our story of how Silverfox MGMT begun, and to be able to connect with our audience on a much more personal level
Dana Sawyer – CEO, Millenium Aged Care
 Thanks to your networking and introductions, we are now reaching an audience that previously did not know we even existed. The traffic to our website and on Facebook and LinkedIn has also rocketed.
Gai Williams – Pharmacist
“"Our little company has just won a place on the Smart 100 most innovative businesses in Australia and I used my interview with Sarah as part of my application. Winner!
Jo Munro – The Savvy Shopaholic
“Going on Game Changers helped boost my profile and my business. I can happily recommend it to business owners and entrepreneurs alike.”
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