We didn’t know what Australian women wanted from a super fund.
So we asked.
We’ve designed a super fund for Australian women.
And we mean that. Designed. While other financial products spend their time talking about what they invest in, or who sits on their board of directors, we spend our time asking women what they need out of a superannuation partner. We’re constantly developing rewards and resources to help Australian women save: both now, and in the future. Like waiving fees for maternity leave. Or helping you increase your savings on a daily basis. We’re looking to level the playing field, and close the gender wealth gap.
Because honestly, financial inequality isn’t just a gender issue.
It’s an Australian issue.
“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I’m changing the things I cannot accept.”
– Angela Davis
FairVine Tools

The brutal reality is that legislated super contributions alone will not achieve super parity, nor will they allow for a comfortable independent retirement for most Australian women (or even most Australians). There is a lot of talk about this problem, however few offer tangible solutions.
To help women secure their financial future, saving more, effortlessly, is the number one priority. With compound interest, even small amounts every month add up to a lot when you retire. Typically, making extra contributions to your super is complicated, often involving a maze of paperwork — and that’s if it’s even possible with your fund. To enable women to easily make extra contributions to their super, we developed these smart tools:

Smarter. Fairer. Simpler. Super. Women.
"We loved the rewards, imagine earning money into super for simply shopping and that's why we joined."  Lisa Sweeney CEO BIH 
The FairVine Difference

We’ve designed a super fund for Australian women.
Super has been structured in a way that doesn’t account for career breaks or non-traditional work patterns. We can’t change what other funds do but we can lead by example in creating the best, member-focused superannuation partner.
FairVine offers women products, insights and opportunities to help them achieve financial freedom.
Along with smart tools to make extra-contributions easy, and partnering with brands who want to support Australian women and help them grow their retirement savings, we have developed these fair policies for our members:

"When women get together as a group, it is immensely powerful.”
– Annie Lennox
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